MIKE SHERWOOD (dmsherwood53) wrote,

Self Exposiure

Open Challange from supergee

Comment on this post and I will pick seven of your interests. You then explain them in your journal and re-post.

buffy Best show thwre has ever been on TV. Funny Wise and sexy
cats Mystertious creatures of the night elegant self-surficient
computers Attraction of puzzles Appeals to the Vulcan side of my personality
cs lewis Was caaptured/damaged by Lion Witch Wardrobe young for a time was caoptivated by His Christian Apologetics grew out of that tbut he has a hold still. Some people prefer Chesterton but I can't see that.
folkmusic Basic snobbish attitude of Intelectual who lkike to pretent he's jiust folk
philosophy Were are we coming from were are we going . An attempt to pretend we can beat the game and evade basic hopelessnees? Maybe. </b>
spanking. Hhem I claim the 5th. I just get off on teens and woman having their Fannies wallopped. Purely in Fantasy R/L I'm a perfect Gentleman . Well mostly
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