MIKE SHERWOOD (dmsherwood53) wrote,

A Book Review


This is the 2nd draft the polite vertion.The 1st was sopamoriphic full of hurt feelings trust me you wouldn't have liked.

This isn't a very good book. Those who have lkked Dennett's wit and concise prose in CONCIOUSNESS EXPLAINED BRAINSTORMS & FREEDOM EVOLVES wil find little here. Its a bloated book its heavy going it flatterns every point it makes.
Why? Well that comes close to putting the author on the couch as a rule I don't beleave in that. But just this once.
Dennett is not a soft-core writer his previous have been: 'So you believe Physical Basis of Human thought /Free Will/ Morality was a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Get real Here's a basic theory AbC QED. Oh you don't find anything in that to give Life Meaning. Not my Problem. Do I look like a social worker?
The new book (BTS) is about Religion and a rational analysis of what people get out of God-meme. Dennett has been frightened by the rise of the Born -Agains in the USA and Muslim Fundermentalism in the Middle East. He tries to write a book that that oxymoron the intelegiant believer could handle .The effect is Barry Malzberg channeling Spider Robinson it don't quite work.
A Bad book by Dennett contaiins nuggett of real insight.Read this book but its work don't expect to be entralled by the power of a first class mind.
Get it out of the Library
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