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Thinking the Unthinkable: a Modest Proposal Post 9/11

Religious Freedom is accepted by all on the Left &all but the craziest of the crazy on the Right. Maybe the time has come to re-define it as a privilege. A default privilege to be given to all but a couple of percentage points those too dangerous to be given that which would consume them (joyous consumation. Yes for THEM).
Perhaps a time has come for a movement of the boundaries of what is acceptable not acceptable as a matter of good taste and ‘decency’ though religiosity is disgusting enough to us non-theist that’s not the POINT. Society should protect that is its only Justification.
Would not the situation in Ireland be improved if Dr Paisley had been quietly taken aside and given an affective dose of Christ Aversion Therapy? The Present Pope as obnoxious a piece of shit as we’ve seen would not it to be to the benefit of all if he could not be moulded into something more socially acceptable? Such as an agnostic/atheist?
The practicalities I leave to the experts. Sleep depravation Drug Therapy. I have heard that some neuroscientists believe they have identified the ‘God centre’ in the brain. Some experimentation will be necessary. I don’t see much actual physical pain being necessary but Omlets and Eggs.
Caution is advised the perversity of the Universe guarantees that which we despise will be intricately interwoven with much that we admire but the danger we face is immense and blessed are the Sqwamish is not part of my personal Beatitudes.
Purely pragmatically this might act as a real deterrent were the Law at present is Toothless. Could suicide bomber (unfortunately only the incompetent ones), hate mullahs and paedophilic priests being made over into what they despise?
This will be painful to the fine feelings those of us who value personal autonomy & if despite all there is a God he will doubtless damn us.
Tough Titty.
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